Monday, September 8, 2008

Jet Blue on EBay Could Mean Some Cheap Flights

You can at least TRY for an amazing deal on a flight at JetBlue's new EBay store. Whether you can actually get a steal depends on how how the auction goes.

On the Chicago departures page right now, I'm seeing two round-trip tickets to NYC for $103. But with 4 and a half days to go on the auction, it may well be up to a regular JetBlue price like $260 per round trip (that's the lowest I saw on the regular Web site for the same trip).

They also have "mystery deals" for vacation packages on the EBay store. Some brave souls have already bid as much as $925 for a four-night trip to a tropical destination.

OK, it's not actually such a huge mystery since there are a limited number of tropical spots that Jet Blue flies to. But even if $500 per person is pretty cheap for a tropical getaway, I wouldn't want to part with my hard-earned money without knowing what kind of hotel I'm staying in and what city I'm going to. There are some dumps in Cancun -- I know, we stayed in one when stuck due to an air cancellation once.