Monday, September 29, 2008

I Just Got Free Shipping for All Xmas Orders

Now, like many Americans I will be cutting back on Xmas shopping this year. But there will be some shopping, and that shopping will probably be done on Amazon. Here's why:

I just signed up for a free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime, which gives you FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING no matter what size your order. Normally this service costs $79 a year. Since Xmas is less than 3 months from now -- that's right! -- free shipping of all gift orders, even if they are small.

This would also come in handy for snapping up clearanced food items, I'd think. Like Super Saver Shipping, Amazon Prime does not apply to all items from independent sellers -- only those that do their fulfillment through Amazon. But I clicked on a couple discounted food items from independent sellers and it said they WERE eligible for free shipping from Amazon Prime.

Now, Amazon is offering one-month free trials all over the place. But if you want the THREE MONTH trial so you can shop right up to Xmas, you have to follow these simple steps. It only took me a minute or two and it did not cost me a thing:

1) Follow this link to but DO NOT sign up for the free trial. That's the 1-month offer, and if you do one trial, you won't be able to sign up for another.

2) Put $100 worth of textbooks in your cart. I used this one.

3) Proceed as if you were purchasing the textbook. Put in your credit card number. Don't worry, you won't have to actually buy it. When you get through a couple of screens, it will tell you that this purchase qualifies you for the free three-month trial of Amazon Prime. Click that and sign up.

4) Empty your cart.

The sign-up happens so quickly you might not realize that it worked. But in a minute you'll get a welcome email from Amazon Prime.

Now, you all know that I am bad at remembering to cancel free trials before I get charged. So I was happy to see that this one has an option to save me the agony of getting billed $79 right after the holidays. After you sign up, simply log into your Amazon Prime account (if you don't have the Amazon Prime screen still in front of you, go to the front of, click "Your Account" in the upper right, scroll down to the "Subscriptions Management" subhead under "Account Settings," and click "Manage Your Amazon Prime Membership." Then click the button to turn off "auto upgrade." Viola! Your trial will no longer turned into a paid membership when it expires!

I originally thought I could make a commission if y'all signed up for this deal, but later I found out that Amazon is only paying commissions for sign-ups to the less exciting one-month trial. However, if you don't care about the deal that much and just want to support this site, do, do, oh do click here to sign up for the one-month trial. Doesn't cost anything, only takes a minute. It's much easier than the three-month trial signup because you don't have to put anything in your cart.

I must admit that I have been a bit angsty about this site recently because I've been spending so much time writing it instead of pursuing paid freelance writing. So if you like this site, this could be a great way for you to support it and help me keep writing!

Thanks to Mir at, where I originally learned about the deal, and also thanks to her for pointing out the "turn off auto upgrade" technique.

p.s. If anyone signs up through this blog, could you please leave a comment? I just want to make sure that the links are working properly.


Becky said...

Just wanted to chime in--I did that free trial thingie and went ahead and upgraded. I've had it for over a year now, and I LOVE it. I need a lot of books for my work, but beyond that, the free shipping lets you take advantage of their rock-bottom clearance deals on all kinds of things. As you noticed, a ton of other merchants' stuff is eligible for the free shipping. I think it's worth it even if you pay the $79, especially if it saves driving to the mall.

Bren said...

I did it, through your link, and it worked fine. I set it to 'do not upgrade'. Thanks! Here comes Santa, and Momma doesn't have to drag the toddler out shopping!

Lindsay said...

Hey- just wanted to say I joined - THANKS ! I will admit though, I was a tad bit nervous 'checking out' :) Hope you got the credit! $12! wow!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Carrie said...

Thanks Lindsay! Oh, one thing I should point out is that it is VERY easy to cancel Amazon orders with no charge. If you ever accidentally make a purchase, you can just log right into your account and cancel it. I'll do a post about that soon with specific instructions.

Lindsay said...

I thought so! (about canceling an order) I swear I've done that before too. I'm so glad it worked! :) I'm going to link this on my blog so hopefully we'll get you some more referrals!

What kind of freelance writing do you do?

Jenna Z said...

I don't think this is good anymore, the 3 month or 1 month. Both options just take you to charge your credit charge $79.

Anonymous said...

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