Monday, September 8, 2008

Got My Free Kashi

So I had to go to traffic school tonight. That's right, I got a ticket -- NOT a frugal move for sure. In case you are interested I will share that I got the ticket for going straight at a stop sign that said "right turn only." There were three other people in the class tonight that had gotten the same ticket -- all in Oak Park where I live. So be warned, if you live here -- they are giving out tickets for that crap all the time!

But back to Kashi goodness. I passed Target on the way back from traffic school. Since the teacher was nice enough to get us through the class quickly, there were still about 15 minutes till closing time when I passed by, so I ran in and grabbed two boxes of TLC crackers and two boxes of granola bars.

I used my three coupons, and got the $5 gift card no problem. Actually, the cashier gave me the gift card before she even scanned my coupons, so it probably would not have been a problem to use all four.