Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free All You With Northwest Miles

I just got one of those offers from Northwest Airlines to spend some of my miles on magazines. Since I am likely never to accumulate enough miles for a free flight on that airline, I feel like this is a great deal.

Then I saw it. One of the mags you can get is ALL YOU! The ultimate coupon magazine! Ironically, I recently signed up for a two-year subscription, using real money. Nevertheless, I signed up for a second subscription. More coupons. For free.

According to my flyer, an All You subscription is 800 miles.

I should warn you that last time I signed up for magazines through Northwest, one of them -- Working Mother -- never showed up. The other one, The Atlantic, showed up fine though.

You can trade your miles for magazines here, but All You is not listed on the Web page. So if you want All You, watch your mailbox.

p.s. I was really proud of myself for filling out the form and sealing it in the envelop right away, before either of the kids could spirit it away or I could lose it. So guess what happened? My 1-year-old tore the entire envelop and the contents in half. Then pulled out the form and scribbled on it. I am totally gonna tape this together and send it in, because I want my All You!


Nari said...

sorry to hear your kid tore up the envelope. Well anyways, i learnt something useful today - about "All you", I will have to read it somewhere to see if the coupon selection is useful for me or if I should continue growing my own wheat and corn for my cereal (jk), cheers

Carrie said...

Nari, you had me going there for a second. By the way, All You frequently has coupons for toothpaste and other toileteries -- occasionally a coupon for a completely free product -- so it is really useful for CVSers. As for food coupons, a lot of packaged foods and diet foods.

One page of food coupons I used from there recently: Buy 3 Kraft products, and get a free bottle of Ranch dressing, buy another free, get a free box of Wheat Thins. Those were great.