Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everything's Better on a Stick: 10 Pregnancy Tests for Half the Price of One

Now that we're TTC around here, I've had a chance to be reminded what a rip-off drug store pregnancy tests are. Even with Extra Bucks!

I just ordered 10 "test strips" for $8.50, with free shipping, from The code for free shipping is "preseed." If you are ordering $14.95 worth of tests or more, you'll get free shipping anyway, so then type in "amaz23" to get 10 percent off your order. Make sure the 10 percent discount doesn't bring your total below the threshhold for the free shipping.

What are test strips? They're like the guts of the stick you pee on in a regular pregnancy test. You dip the strip in a urine sample. I figure that I've taken enough pregnancy tests in my day that I can figure out this slightly less convenient but cheaper and more environmentally friendly version.

But if you really do feel that everything's better on a stick, the Web site sells those too -- $2.25 each for one pregnancy-test-on-a-stick, $1.95 each for more than 10, and it gets cheaper the more you order.

Other cheapie pregnancy test sources:

Dollar Tree stores (yep, they're a dollar, and the word on the net is that they work just fine)

Updated to add: I received the tests on 9/22, just four days after I'd ordered them. I certainly recommend for their speedy shipping! I didn't order priority or anything. And I got them after the weekend -- so if you ORDER on a Monday morning, who knows, you may have them by Wednesday.


Jess said...

The Dollar Tree pregnancy tests work just fine (i.e. I used them and I was indeed not pregnant, or pregnant, as indicated). I seem to recall reading somewhere that they're actually quite sensitive, and my own experience bears that out-- the cycle I got pregnant, I tested 3 days before my period was due and that second line showed up bright and clear.

Becky said...

Wow, I never knew the Dollar Tree had those.

And I am cracking up, for some reason, that the shipping code was "preseed."

*Hippie* said...

I just bought 3 Dollar Tree tests for the first time... and I hate them... they just seem so cheap and flimsy and blah to me.. but I'm sure they work as well as others. lol

Leslie said... is my favorite resource for all things pregnancy test related.

I still am in awe that there is an entire site devoted just to pregnancy tests. I love the internet!