Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Even Better Quaker Deal at Ultra Foods

I updated the post about the $3/5 Quaker coupon to point out that, starting Thursday, you can buy five 18-oz. cannisters of Quaker Oats at Ultra Foods for $2 (40 cents each) using that coupon without needing any other coupons.

Don't forget to check your grocery flyers for those $3/5 coupons. I got three of them today in three different Certi-Saver stores' papers.

Another thought: I've always figured that the cheapest way to buy oatmeal is from bulk cannisters at a store like Whole Foods, on sale, of course. Anyone know what regular and organic oats go for there?

Oh, and speaking of Quaker, MoneySavingMom has a post about getting a bunch of freebies from that company through a sign-up program.