Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dream Date

Just a quick dispatch from my weekend get-away -- tonight Epu and I went out to dinner in a nice Italian bistro, but the dinner was sandwiched between trips to CVS. See, there was a CVS near the restaurant, so we stopped in before dinner because we needed a wine opener for the hotel room and did a quick deal (1 Arnicare, the opener, paid 8ECBs and change and got 8ECBs back) and got the wine opener for 11 cents. But just as we were leaving, I spied a pile of those freeze pops that are supposed to pay 5ECBs.

We went to dinner, and it was lovely. Afterwards, we stopped in again and I price scanned the ice pops. $3.75! So we bought two boxes and a box of Excedrin, and 2 Reinventing Beauty magazines as fillers, used the $2/$10 CVS q, a $1/1 Excedrin CRT we'd gotten at our last visit, a $2/1 Excedrin mq from the paper. I paid the 8ECBs from the last transaction plus 56 cents off a gift card, and I got 10ECBs for the ice pops and 4ECBs for the Excedrin.

Nothing caps off a great date like making money at CVS! I would have stayed longer and bought the rest of the ice pops, but by this time the husband's patience was pretty much used up, so we headed off into the night.


*Hippie* said...

Awesome! A date night sounds fun! At my local CVS, the pops were marked 50% off but the ECB sticker was marked off with a marker. I didn't want to risk not getting the ECBs! Especially for pops I won't let my kids eat!

Carrie said...

LOL, Hippie, I feel the same way about those pops. However, I have a plan. We're having a block party this coming weekend, and I will totally bring out a whole box of freeze pops to feed to the neighborhood kids. I don't mind that mine will have them just this one time.

Not sure what I'll do with the second box, though. Maybe donate.

*Hippie* said...

Well, I went this afternoon right after posting my first comment... They were marked down to 75% off and some didn't have the ECB sticker markered off. So I grabbed two... my ECBs didn't print though!! The sticker says "Pay $14.99 and earn $5.00 ECBs" then at the bottom it says "valid through 12/31/08." Would you call CVS?

And good idea on using them at the block party... I let my kids have them on rare occasion as well although my youngest two can't have them due to allergies/sensitivities to dye.

Carrie said...

Sure, I'd call CVS, since you stand to get 10ECBs if they push it through. I have heard that the ECBs didn't print for some other people, but I have heard plenty of reports from others who did get them.

*Hippie* said...

I will call in the morning, I guess it can't hurt to ask. I will just give them to my Dad (who is a youth pastor) no matter what!

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