Sunday, September 7, 2008

CVS Summer Clearance Haul

I got my summer clearance haul this morning. Nutmeg and I arrived at around 8:30 a.m., and one of the clerks I know saw me putting stuff in my cart and told me that she'd just updated the stuff to 90 percent off and that she wasn't sure if it had taken effect yet. But it ended up taking puh-lenty of time for me to try running my other deals, so that was no problem.

Here's what I got on clearance:

Two pairs kids water shoes 60 cents each
One pair girls' flip flops 60 cents
One pair baby Spiderman flip flops 40 cents
One pair adult water shoes 80 cents
Diving scramble game 60 cents
Slip N Slide 1.30
Mini Robo Sapiens robot 1.30
Sand castle buckets 49 cents
3 pairs kids swim goggles 29 cents each
3 bath boats 25 cents
1 motororized sail boat 60 cents
1 water air mattress 50 cents

That diving set was the treat Nutmeg had her eye on, so I'm so glad it was still there. I didn't get my desired prize, the huge box of straws, since they all sold out at 75 percent off. But I was pretty happy with what we got, some of which will be stored away for next year's bigger feet, some of which will go into my birthday present slush pile. My favorite unexpected find: The Mini Robo Sapiens robot.

For all that, what did I pay? Let's see, I spent $7, 5.99 of which was ECBs. But really I only spent $6.50 since I had just earned some of the ECBs minutes before I bought the clearance stuff. And I also walked out with a nail polish, a fancy facial wash and a bag of Chex Mix.

Here's how it went:

First I tried to do my planned deals that I had been hoping would turn 1.49ECB into 9ECB. Actually I had already been partially stymied on that because I'd been expecting a $2/1 Aussie products coupon in the morning paper, but the coupon I got was only $2/2, which made it NOT a money maker.

So I improvised a bit (which is much easier when you only have ONE kid with you) and got one of the $5.99 free-after-ECBs L'Oreal products along with one $3.99 (pays 3ECB) Revlon polishes. With my coupons ($2/$10, $1/1 L'Oreal, $2/1 Revlon mq and $2/1 CRT) I was expecting to pay 3ECBs for that, and I had a 3ECB note so that was fine.

But the Revlon mq wouldn't scan, and the cashier, after consulting with someone else said it wouldn't scan because nail polish is not a cosmetic. Sigh. I wanted to try these coupons on another CVS we passed by today but we were running late for the baby's naptime so I didn't. Oh well, they didn't have many nice colors anyway, and I hardly ever paint my nails.

But I did that deal without the mq this morning, and so ended up spending 4.50ECBs plus about 90 cents off my gift card, and getting 9ECBs back. Not bad.

Then I tried getting that Arnica pain relief stuff (September deal). Was supposed to be $8.99, get 3ECBs, a moneymaker with this $2/1 coupon (thanks to MSM for the link). I got it with a $1 bag of Chex Mix and a $1/1 Chex coupon from, so with those mqs and the $2/$10 I should have paid 6ECBs and gotten 8ECBs back.

But the Arnicare rang up as a higher price, the coupon woudln't scan (wtf??) and they offered instead to just sell it to me for 99 cents. Obviously, this cashier (not one I know) had no idea what I was trying to do. I thanked her but asked her to void the transaction.

Finally, I figured I'd just ring up my summer clearance stuff and get out of there. That too was a challenge as the price scanner was not working and some of the items aren't marked with prices. But I guesstimated what would be $10 worth of stuff, and when I came up a little short I had the cashier grab that Chex Mix she'd set aside from my voided transaction, gaver the Chex mq again, and ended up getting about $10 worth of stuff and paying that 5.99ECB plus about a buck o.o.p. ($10 - $1 Chex mq and - $2/$10).


Becky said...

Whew, that was a lot of improvising! And you know, my revlon coups wouldn't scan either--I should have mentioned this in my post--the teenage boy studied and studied the coupon and said that it was meant for facial cosmetics. I just said, "Really?" and he made them go through. I had three.

I hope that wasn't a no-no. Coup says "any Revlon color" such and such.

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