Friday, September 26, 2008

CVS Plan 9/28 - 10/4

Here are the best deals I see in the coming week. Not a whole lot, but I need some rest after last week:

Coke and Diet Coke, 4/$13, get 3ECBs (finally!)

CoverGirl $5.49 get 5.49ECB

Buy $15 Nestle, get 5ECBs (while this isn't an amazing rate of return, I like any excuse to buy ice cream)

Gilette Fusion $9.99, get 5ECBs

Contour Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99, get 5ECBs

Here are my deal ideas. I will have three 10ECB slips and a 15ECB slip -- kind of a weird week compared to the usual 3s and 4s.

Oh, and according to this Febreeze Noticeables can be a moneymaker.

4 x Coke and Diet Coke $13.00
2 x Maltomeal 2.00
- 3.00 $3/$15 CVS q
2.00 Maltomeal mqs from
10.00, pay 10ECBs plus tax
receive 3ECBs

Breyer's Ice Cream 9.00
2 Nestle Fun Bags 5.00
1 Nestle theater pack 1.00
Covergirl 5.49
- 3.00 $3/$15 CVS q
1.00 Nestle printable mq (or even better, this $1/1)
1.00 Covergirl mq (from this week's P&G insert)
15.49, pay 15ECBs and .49 o.o.p. plus tax
receive 5ECBs and 5.49ECBs

Gilette 9.99
milk 2.99
travel size razors 2.00
- 3.00 $3/$15 CVS q
4.00 Gilette mq
2.00 razor mq
6.00 + tax, pay with 5.49 + change o.o.p.
receive 5ECBs


Lisa B. said...

looks like a slow week. I havnt even done my CVS shopping for this week yet! I'm planning on going tomorow. Hope there's something left.

Promises Fulfilled said...

there was also a buy one cover girl foundation and get a face product free coupon in today's P&G. So, I also got an eyeliner for free with the clean make-up and then I also used the $1/1 CG coupon. Just another thought for you!

Theresa said...

I read your CVS plan and you did well. I was wondering about the travel size razors that you used the 2.00 off coupon for. What brand razors? Thanks for the tip! By the way, I just love the name of your blog.


Carrie said...

the travel razors are Schick, they come two to a package for 99 cents in the travel size section. The coupon is from an insert, $2 off, and it expries 10/5. My store always takes off $1.98 as long as I buy the two packages, even though the coupon would appear to be for only one product.