Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CVS: Another Clearance Haul and New CRTs

Just returned from CVS, where I went to buy a couple cards (I have pretty much sworn off buying greeting cards, with a couple exceptions: weddings and sympathy cards.) I returned without any cards, though.

I walked in and noticed that my local store had added a bunch more stuff to the 90% Clearance rack to replace the summer stuff, most of which had been bought. I ended up buying the L'Oreal cleansers for my account and my mom's, and pairing each one with several dollars worth of clearance stuff. I paid just over a dollar -- basically I replaced the ECBs I spent and spent a small amount o.o.p.

I really cleaned up! I got something I have needed for awhile but haven't wanted to pay full price for: More coupon files so I can carry separate ones for CVS and grocery coupons. I got four of them at 25 cents each! They're even cute!

And I bought about 24 packs of stickers at a quarter each. Anyone with little kids knows you can never have too many stickers. Dinosaurs, dragons, Dora, Care Bears, puppies, kittens, stars and hearts, Sesame Street -- I have to hide most of these away to dole out on rainy days, and I'll put some in my growing birthday present slush pile as well.

Oh! Also, I got long, long receipts full of new CRT coupons, probably because my local store's machine has been broken and I haven't been able to print coupons for a few days.

On one account, I got:

$1 off Kiss/Broadway nails (excl glue)
Bogo Reeses Crispy Bar
$2 off any Huggies diaper or pull-ups*
$2.50 off $10 Life Fitness purchase

On the other account, I got:

$2 off 4 cards (hm. good thing I didn't buy those cards tonight!)
$1 of Kiss/Broadway
$3/$15 Neutrogena cosmetics
$3/$15 ANY school supplies, paper or pens

Actually, there were some notebooks and at least one pack of pencils on the clearance rack. I doubt I could have gotten together $15 worth, but if I could, with the $2/$10 and this one, I'd pay $10.

* When to use that Huggies coupon? Well, mine expires 9/23. On 9/21-27, they're offering 10ECBs if you spend $30 on Huggies and other products, but the Huggies are not on sale -- they're $13.99 for a pack. If you happened to get two MORE Huggies CRTs, you could use 3 CRTs, 3 $1/1 Huggies mqs (I've been getting them from a little coupon dispenser at my CVS and have tons). Three packs of Huggies would be $42, minus $9 in Huggies qs and minus $2/$10 would be $31, so you'd spend $31 on something like 105 diapers and get 10ECBs back. Ho hum, not that great.