Friday, September 5, 2008

Coupon Alert: Woman's Day Oct. 7 Issue

All in an insert right after p. 96. Glad to see coupons becoming a trend in this magazine!

50 cents off 1 French's Fried Onions
25 cents off 1 Kozy Shak
40 cents off 2 Campbells
40 cents off 2 SpaghettiOs
$1 off 1 Perdue short cuts
55 cents off 1 Texas Toast croutons
50 cents off 1 New York brand frozen product
$1/2 Weiught Watchers snacks
.55/2 Domino sugar
$1/1 Pledge
BOGO Glade Plugin warmer
BOGO Glade Scented oil refill
$2/1 TENA Serenity Underwear
$1.50/1 TENA Serenity Overnight Pads
$1/1 Refresh eyedrops

I am glad to see those French's Fried Onions -- a real treat to the hubs.


Becky said...

Woohoo! Which issue date is this? I would love to see this (free) subscription earn its keep!

Carrie said...

Whoops -- I just updated my post to say it's the Oct. 7 issue. I got it today.