Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Best Deals in This Week's Grocery Flyers -- 50-cents a Box for Cheerios at Dominick's

Today I received and flipped through the flyers for Dominick's (Safeway), Jewel and Fair Share Foods (Certi Saver). I was bummed because none of the things I really need to buy (cream cheese, evaporated milk, all-natural peanut butter, butter) seem to be on sale anywhere I shop. However, I did notice a few deals:


asapragus $1.97 a pound

tomatoes on the vine 50 cents a pound (Saturday and Sunday only)

"Buy 5, save $5" for a bunch of stuff including General Mills cereal and Fiber One bars.

For the cereal, which includes 12.25 oz.Noney Nut cheerios, if you buy 5 for $12.50, you would pay $7.50 after the $5 savings. If you have 5 of those Cheerios Challenge coupons (you can print two per computer each week), you'd pay $2.50 for five boxes of cereal, or 50 cents each!! (Sadly, I messed up my Cheerios coupons by trying to print something else on the back of them.)


Kellogg's cereal 3/$5 including Frosted Mini Wheats. Use a $1/1 coupon from, pay 67 cents for each box of Mini Wheats. The only better deal you're likely to see is if they are bogo and you can use two coupons. Unfortunately, my local Jewel does not accept Internet coupons. Definitely call to ask before going out of your way to hit a grocery store to do an Internet coupon deal.

Wild Harvets All-Natural Whole Fryer Chicken, no antibiotics, no hormones. $1.79 a pound. Now, I think it's illegal to feed hormones to chickens, fyi. But I do like the no antibiotics clause. I may get one of these this week or next.

Half Gallon Wild Harvest organic milk $3 -- this is the best price I usually see for organic milk

Thomas' Hearty Grains English Muffins $2.50

Wild Harvest organic ground coffee $5.99 for 10 oz.

Purex detergent bogo @ $9.99 (this is for 64 loads)


Dean's Milk $1.99 with $10 purchase (I always try to buy Dean's or Lucerne (Dominick's brand) if not buying organic as they are hormone-free

bananas 39 cents a pound

Yoplait cups $.50 (buy 5 or 6 with coupon from

General Mills cereal 5/$10 (use $1 off coupons from Cheerios Challenge to get 12 oz Cheerios for a buck)

split chicken breast 88 cents a pound


These sales start Thursday for Jewel and Dominick's and Wednesday (today) for the CertiSaver stores. As for me, I will head to Jewel today if I can to buy 10 cans of Progresso soup for about 80 cents each after coupon. That's one of those, "buy 10, save $5 deals" and I will use three "$1.10/3" coupons from I'm going to a different Jewel that accepts coupons to do it. If I get time.