Sunday, September 28, 2008

$20 Off First Order at Peapod

I just saw a commercial for Peapod, the grocery delivery service. They're stressing lately that it's "surprisingly affordable" and helps people stay on budget because it tallies your total continously.

I don't buy that for a minute, because not only do you have to pay a delivery fee, you are also expected to tip the delivery person. And the prices are not very good, even the things that are on sale.

But if you need to order delivery, the ad provided a coupon code for $20 off the first order: TV3. It also mentioned their "free delivery for 60 days offer." But according to the Web site, the free delivery only applies to orders over $100. Considering that their sale items are mostly not all that great, I'd have a hard time spending $100 on things at a price I like. But I do admit there are situations when you NEED to order groceries.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Sale prices are pretty good or at least comparable. I just paid $1.99 per gallon of milk, $1.10 for a dozen eggs, $2.00 per loaf of butternut bread.... I haven't paid those prices in store in some time. Delivery is rather reasonable considering the hassle your saving yourself (crowds, long lines, lugging heavy groceries around, etc...) Also, tipping is optional as stated on the site. I have tipped and not tipped and the drivers are friendly just the same. Very convenient.

Carrie said...

Those are good prices. However, for someone like me who stays home with their kids, even the delivery fee and tip are too much to pay. After all, a walk to the grocery store with my kids is not much different than doing any other activity with them, so if it saves me $6 it's definitely worth it to go.
If I can get another coupon code I might do an order sometime.