Thursday, September 25, 2008

$2 Off CRT Works on $2 Ambi Bars Too

I just tried my other $2/1 Ambi Body CRT on a $2 "cocoa butter bar." It worked, and I received 3ECBs.

This is notable for two reasons:

1) the CRT works for beauty bars, making them free


2) the Cocoa Butter version of the beauty bar pays extra bucks, even though it was not labeled as such in my store. Only the other beauty bars were tagged with the promo tag.


Melissa said...

where are these beauty bars.. I've looked over by the regular bars, by the Olay type products, and by the face type washes and only found the other Ambi products.

Carrie said...

I found them next to the other Ambi products, like the Fade Cream. However, I have been to several stores that did not have the bars, and even where they do, they have sometimes been sold out.

Mandy said...

A cashier at each of the two CVS's I went to looking for these said that they are probably a regional product because neither store carried them.