Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow -- Pepsi for 12.5 Cents a Can! (or Less)

Last week I bought five 12 packs of Diet Pepsi for $9 (the deal was 5/$11, and I used a $2/$10 CVS q to sweeten the deal). Yes, I thought that was pretty good: $1.80 a pack or 15 cents a can. Even though I couldn't use my free diet Sierra Mist q because my local doesn't carry that variety.

But this week, I found an excuse to stock up on yet more Diet Pepsi, at an even better price. We're about to drive up to my parents' cabin for the weekend, and my mom agreed that we could use some soda up there. My father drinks it.

I took advantage of this week's CVS deal for 4 12-packs for $12, get 3ECBs back. Here's how I worked it:

4 Pepsi 12-packs $12.00
1 Sierra Mist 1.69
1 CVS hand soap .79
- 2.00 CVS $2/$10
2.00 CVS skincare
1.69 free Sierra Mist
8.79 + tax
paid with 8.99ECBs, plus 6 cents o.o.p.
received 3ECBs

So there you have it, I spent six bucks on the whole shebang -- 12.5 cents a can or less. I say "or less" because I did not consider the value of the free Sierra Mist (which I am always having to buy for when my parents come over) and the hand soap, which we needed to stock up on. If you assign a $1 value to each those things, you could say I got the Pepsi for a buck a 12-pack.