Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow - High Value Coupons for Facebook Now Considered Fraudulent

Last weekend, I heard about some high-value coupons on FAcebook. But by the time I logged on to check it out, only ordinary coupons were available and I didn't bother.

Now, it turns out that because the company running the promotion didn't use adequate safeguards against copying, they have had to declare ALL the coupons no good.

Here's an article about it. More information in the Slick Deals discussion about the whole incident here.

I think there's a message here. Companies are responsible for issuing coupons in a responsible way. For all those out there who scrutinize coupon users and say, using them like this or like that is fraud, listen up: Preventing fraud is up to the companies that issue and accept coupons. If some kind of use is not allowed with a coupon, it needs to be clearly indicated AND technologically prevented. It is not up to customers to make an ethical call on how to use a coupon.


Becky said...

I know! The whole thing chaps my fanny. I did use the $5 off Banana Boat coupon at CVS, 'cause of the get 5 ecbs when you buy Banana Boat deal. Now I feel like a crook, AND the register didn't spit out my ecbs. Justice? I am going to call CVS heaven to get them, though.