Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekly Grocery Flyers Deals: Cereal

Updated to add: I just noticed that the Redplum flyer this weekend will have $1/2 coupons for Kellogg's products. Am hoping to be able to use these on the Dominick's deal. Will try to get a couple extra papers this weekend.

My disappointment at not being able to do the Kellogg's rebate deal the other day was assuaged when I saw this morning's Dominick's flyer: With in-store coupons, you can buy up to six boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $1.50 each. Combined with in-store coupons, I thought that would get me a good way toward the "buy 10 items, get $10" deal.

If I buy 6 boxes of cereal for $9 (ideally using three $1/2 coupons), I'll still have to buy 4 other Kellogg's items, probably two Keebler cookies at $2 a box minus the $1/2 coupon (Fuel for School) and two Yogos at $2.50 a box minus two $1/1 coupons (some week's Sunday paper). That would mean spending $15 minus $6 in coupons = $9. And then send for a $10 rebate.

This would be better than the deal I would have gotten at Kroger, since I would make $1 still but I would get more cereal, which I feel is worth more than the snacks -- despite the fact that Pop Tarts were my childhood love and I wouldn't have minded reconnecting a bit with that old flame. I'd really like to stock up on Rice Krispies for making rice crispy treats, if I had the right coupons.

But coupons is just the problem: I don't have three manufacturers' coupons for the cereals in the Dominick's deal. For some reason, I only have one copy of the Kellogg's "Fuel for School" flyer. I guess maybe my parents didn't save theirs for me.

So of the cereals on sale at Dominick's this coming week, I only have a single $1/2 coupon from the Fuel for School flyer. I have a $1 off the new Frosted Mini Wheats, but I hate to "waste" that on this promo since I could send in the receipt for that purchase for a full rebate separately.

Am going to hunt for printable Kellogg's coupons.

(Updated to add: Smart Source is offering $1/1 off the blueberry mini wheats, $1/1 off Smart Start and $1/1 off Yogos, all Kellogg's products. I printed mine off May not help me with this promo at Dominick's, but still.)

Oh, and the other good cereal deal in this morning's flyers: Several budget supermarkets (in my area, Fair Share Foods, Pan's Foods and Super Tony's) had a coupon in there for "buy four bags of Malt-o-meal cereal (12 to 21 oz.), get $5 off groceries."

This is a moneymaker if you print out $1 off Malt-o-Meal coupons from (I think that's where I got them). The bags are on sale at these stores for $1.99, so if you use four coupons to buy four bags, you should pay $4 to get the $5 off coupon, earning $1.

One note: The coupon is labled "manufacturer coupon." So it's possible they wouldn't let you combine the two kinds of coupons. If denied, I would actually decline to buy any, because
1) I've seen the bags of Malt-o-Meal on sale for a buck, which would make them free with these coupons
2) Boxes are always $1 at CVS, making them great, great fillers with the coupons.