Saturday, August 16, 2008

Updates on My Frugal Projects

Whenever I try something frugal, whether it's a household change or a call to CVS, I write about it on this blog. But I've been remiss in reporting the results of all those money-saving attempts. So here's a little roundup:

  • Cloth diapers. My goal of using the two fancy diapers every other day proved hopelessly optimistic. What generally happens is that I use one or both, throw it into the laundry, and lose track of it completely for a week or more. That's kind of the nature of laundry in my house -- it gets washed, but it tends to sit around for kind of a long time in baskets waiting to be put away. And then sometimes the kids get into it and spread it all over the floors. Yeah, I guess if I spent less time typing and more time housekeeping, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, I like using the cloth diapers fine, I've been impressed at my washing machine's ability to turn a poopy diaper into a sparkling white one even with no bleach, we've had no leaks. But with only a couple of them around, we have not been diligent about actually using the cloth ones more than once a week.
  • Calls to CVS about missing ExtraBucks. In both cases, the customer care rep determined that I should have gotten the ECBs, and they told me to look for them on my next receipt after 48 hours. In reality, they printed out on the coupon machine within 24 hours. Extra credit to you, ExtraCare reps! I also called ExtraCare this week to ask if I could get my 5ECBs for the last round of the candy deal despite (somehow) being 5 cents short. They said no, so I spent 75 cents on some delicious-looking Werther's caramels.
  • Buying MoneySavingMom's eBooks. I totally bought the whole package during the sale (and by the way if you missed the sale you can still buy these ebooks through the affiliate link in my right-hand margin). I have yet to read or listen to a single word, so no savings has occurred as a result of all the mney-saving knowledge I purchased. I will update you when I get off my keister on this one.


Becky said...

OMG I could have written two-thirds of this (I am not attempting cloth diapers). I have issues with laundry sitting around forever too. But moreover, I bought MSM's package, and then was overwhelmed at the huge list of books/audiobooks. Maybe I need to figure out what her Greatest Hits are and do those first?