Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shopping Saturday: What Did I Spend All That Money On?

Spent: $90

Just a little over budget this week, which actually sucks because I scarcely bought anything for us to eat this week! I had planned to eat out of the freezer and use the week to stock up on staples. I didn't manage to stock up on most staples (weren't on sale, I didn't make it to the little Asian foods store I've been meaning to check out) and DID mostly eat out of the freezer, yet somehow still went over budget.

The only thing I can definitively point to is that I attempted to stock up on some deals that really weren't that great after all: I bought four boxes of Rice Krispies (with the thought in mind that I have to bake 8 dozen cookies for my daughter's school late this fall and I plan to make RK treats) and four bags of Malt-o-Meal. Also, I didn't notice until too late that a couple coupons didn't scan. Still, it surprises me that I spent so much.

-- I spent $20 at the farmer's market last Saturday on organic and other produce, including a $6 splurge on a pint of blackberries. The kids LOVED those blackberries. I wouldn't have thought twice about spending $2 or $3 per person on an ice cream treat, so I'm not going to sweat the high price of those.

-- I spent $11.29 with my gift card at Jewel. Highlights of that trip were getting three 48-ounce cans of chicken broth on clearance via a tip from The Grocery Game, and 39-cent-a-pound bananas.

-- I spent $12.48 at Pan's Foods. I THOUGHT I was getting a pretty good deal there on Dole fruit bowls for $1.89 each, minus three $.75/2 coupons. But now that I look at my receipt, I notice that only .75 total was taken off. I hate when this happens! I do try to look over my receipts before I leave the store but my kids were hungry and I was actually trying to open and feed them the fruit cups as quickly as I could. I also got four bags of Malt-o-meal for 75 cents each ($1.99 per bag minus a $5 coupon), but even that bargain was ill-considered in retrospect, since I can get tons of Malt-o-meal cereal for absolutely free at CVS, where they sell it for $1 a box and I have plenty of $1 off coupons. The store would not let me use the $5 off coupon from their flyer WITH the four $1 off coupons as I had hoped.

-- I spent $6.82 at Aldi. All purpose flour, $1.69. Used most of it to make play-do with my daughter and two of her friends. 1-lb frozen wild-caught salmon, $3.99. I thought this was a special sale but apparently is their regular price. :-) 12-oz whole wheat pasta, .99. Crazy to say it, but this Aldi is in walking distance from my home and this was my first visit.

-- I spent about $25 at Dominick's. Those four boxes of RK were $1.25 each after store and manufacturers' coupons. But I really don't know why I bothered since I already knew that the Safeway Select brand cereals, including RK, were going on sale for $1 each this week.
Other deals of note at Dominick's, however, included a pound of sirloin burgers for $2 (expired that day) and a big hunk of turkey pastrami for the same price (also expired that day).

So, my lesson from this week is that I need to check the number of coupons that scanned as the main thing when I look over my receipt. Sure, I could go back and explain the situation to the store, but we'll see if I get around to it. This particular store is pretty tight about coupons and doesn't have much in stock, so I don't really feel like going back.

At CVS, I mainly spent down ECBs from last week. The only money-earning deal I did was the Schick razor:

razor $7.99
3 bottles clearance CVS sunscreen 3.00
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
4.00 Schick mq
5.00, paid with 5ECB and 40 cents tax from gc

Otherwise, I bought 2 half-gallons Edies ice cream, two gallons milk, four more sunscreens, and one package True North nuts, spending 20ECBs. I am planning to go today to get five 12-packs of Pepsi (and I hope, Sierra Mist) for $9 after the $2/$10 q. And of course a $1 filler so I can use a 10ECB slip.