Friday, August 1, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Shopping for Two

Weeks, that is. I decided to follow Money Saving Mom's lead and spend most of two weeks' shopping budget all at once, saving just a little for picking up deals and fresh produce next week.

I am so lying. I actually totally blew past my weekly budget, so i decided in retrospect that that's how I would do it. But really, it makes sense. Because my awesome in-laws left food and wine at my house after their weekend visit, I didn't need to shop until Wednesday and Thursday. I spent $125, i.e. my weekly budget + $45.

Now that the week is over, I still have plenty of food in the house, so $35 should get us through the week no problem.

Here are some of the highlights of my three grocery shopping trips:

1. Fair Share Foods, $60
plums and peaches @ .49, .59 cents a pound
green peppers @ .75 a pound
whole frozen duck @ 1.25 a pound
"natural" amish cut up chicken @ 1.25 a pound (it said no hormones or animal parts in feed, but not no antibiotics or free range or anything)
big cans tomato sauce 1.25

2. Dominick's, $60
2 boxes granola bars for $1 each (w/ store coupons + manufacturers' coupons)
2 boxes Nutter Butters for $3.75 total (ditto)
12 ounces 8 o'clock coffee for 3.49 (but disappointingly they wouldn't take my Internet coupon for $1 off)

3. Fair Share (was in the neighborhood)
12 cage-free eggs $2.50
2 64-oz Tropicana .50 each (on sale, w/ mc)
8 Dannon yogurt cups $2

I also got back to CVS a little bit this week. I'm hoping to get over there today to get a few more things, but here are my transactions thus far:

Hello Kitty Band-Aids $2.99
- 1.00 mc
1.99 + tax, paid w/ 1ECB and $1 from gc
received 2ECB

Band-Aid Ultra Strips 2.99
- 1.00 mc
1.99 + tax, paid w/ 1ECB and $1 from gc
received 2ECB

1 Infant Advil drops 5.79
- 3.00 mc (I know!)
- 2.50 off any pain relief CRT
.29 oop
received 5.79ECB

1 Revlon lip palette 9.99
- 2.00 mc
7.99 + tax, paid 7.79ECB + .42 oop
received 9.99ECB