Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Groceries for 8/09-8/16

I think I went over my $80 budget this week but I stayed in the general ballpark. I can't find the receipt from my Jewel trip OR my trip to the locally owned Pan's Foods, but at Dominick's I spent $66.98.

The best deals:

Since I still had some of the produce my parents had given me from their garden, and a few things in the fridge and freezer too, those hamburgers and one of the chicken packets were the only meat I served for the week. We were practically vegetarians. And not having to buy meat freed up some money for one 12-pack of beer and one bottle of cheap red wine. I bought Sutter Home, which tasted only about as bad as most of the cheap wine I buy, but I was a bit creeped out when a guy in line at the checkout told me how much he enjoyed that particular vintage. Why would that creep me out? Well, the same guy had just a moment before told my 1-year-old that she had "sexy legs." Yikes!

I supplemented the grocery budget this past week by buying one gallon of milk at CVS with ExtraBucks.

Today I took a look at my freezer and made a pledge: We are eating mostly out of there this week, because I have got meals in there from months and months ago that should really get used. This should free up some budget money for some staples that I have really been needing: vinegar (several kinds would be nice), both kinds of flour, and a few Asian food staples like sesame oil. Oh, and garlic.

Hmm. Maybe this would be a good week to make the pilgrammage to Trader Joe's. OK, IF I am able to get a free pass to the Brookfield Zoo from the library this week, THEN I will allow myself to visit TJs. It's near the zoo, I'm told.

But if I do that, all budget bets are off. Or let's just say, I'll be spending several weeks' worth of grocery money in one fell swoop. I love that store and will not leave without a heaping cart full of stuff.


Dr. Mom said...

I would be creeped out too! I hear Trader Joe's is wonderful. Too bad we don't have one around here, but I hear rumors that we may get one! Lots of Californians are moving here and apparently it is very popular there and they want one here.

Carrie said...

Yep, I started shopping at TJs when we lived in San Francisco. We are getting one in Oak Park too, but no one seems sure of exactly when.