Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Garden Produce Saves the Day

We did it -- we stayed at or under budget this week after spending the bulk of our allotment in one big trip last week.

Actually, it was easy because my parents brought me a ton of veggies from their garden. The rest of the summer and early fall should be pretty smooth due to garden vegetables. In my own yard, the only crops that have been coming along ok were the tomatoes, and this week they were disovered by the squirrels. :-( Overnight 4 green tomatoes disappeared from each of the plants in my backyard. I have big, very healthy plants in my front yard with lots of little tomatoes on them so hopefully we will get to eat a few of those.

This week, we had $35 to spend. We spent about $17.50 at the farmer's market, on organic carrots, organic chard, mushrooms, eggplants and blueberries.

That left us $17.50. At Jewel I spent $6 on two half-gallons of organic milk, then Epu picked up a gallon of conventional milk for $3 at Dominick's. So we ended the week with about $8.50 on the table.

We didn't buy any meat this week, but we ate meat several times. We had meatballs out of the freezer along with the chard, eggplant and mushrooms in spaghetti sauce (sooooo good), and we had chorizo and eggs twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast.

I only did a few CVS transactions. They went something like this, and dig this first transaction cause it's a doozy:

Children's Advil $5.79 (get 5.79ECB)
CVS Ibuprofin 3.49
CVS aspirin .99
- 1.00 Advil mq
3.49 CVS q (August free gift)
2.50 CRT "$2.50 off $10 in pain relievers"
2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
1.30 + tax o.o.p.

6 boxes clearance hair dye 6.00
1 clearance EOB body cream 1.00
Colgate 2.99 (2ECB)
- 2.00 CVS q
2.00 CVS skin care
1.00 Colgate mq
3.00 Clairol mqs (had more but register stopped accepting after 3)
2.00 + tax o.o.p.
received 2ECB
2 bags dark M&Ms 7.00 (spend $10 get 5ECB)
1 Mentos .79
1 clearance Polly Pocket pets 1.00
2 clearance Floam 2.00
- 2.00 CVS q
- 1.50 M&M mqs
7.29 + tax, paid 5.79ECB and $1.50 o.o.p.
received 5ECB (my mother had previously spent $2.29 on candy on her account so I just needed that much to get the reward)

As you can see, I picked up some nice clearance bin stuff this week. If I had had more time, I actually would have used up my husband's whole 10ECBs to buy a bunch of clearance items, since they had more Floam and Polly Pockets. Great birthday party gifts! God am I cheap.

Children's Advil 5.79