Sunday, August 3, 2008

Re: Coupon Alert

Dear Bargain Shoppers, et al;

Please note that aside from the regular Sunday inserts (Red Plum, SmartSource AND P&G), this week's Sunday paper contains the following coupons:

In Parade: 1. $10 off Zeno Mini and $10 Zeno Portable. Some kind of electric zit zapper. What will they think of next? 2. $1 off 2 Formula 409 products.

A JiffyLube card offering $8 off an oil change, $25 off that plus fuel system cleaning and air filter, or $50 off all that plus tire rotation and new wiper blades. (The trick is, of course, not to run in waving those coupons unless they point out that you actually need any of those extra services. Not that I would trust them anyway. How does one know if one's air filter needs replacing, I wonder?)

In Toys R Us flyer: $5 off any Huggies or store brand diapers (72 ct - 192 ct); $2 off wipes, $2 off Diaper Genie refills; $1 off 2 baby lotions, bath washes, shampoo or diaper rash items; $3 off formula; 15% off certain brand bottles and cups; $20 off strollers $69.99 or more; $10 off play yards $59.99 or more; 20% off Step 2 Toddler furniture; 20% off bedding sets.

Feel free to take advantage of any or all of the abovementioned offers.



p.s. I usually don't bother with Walgreens because it is more than 10 steps from my front door. But this week they're having one of those crazy school supplies sales and I am totally going to stop by and tap that. I want:

two 9-cent 10-packs of pens
two 9-cent 6-packs of highlighters
two 9-cent 10-packs of pencils
ten 50-cent 8 packs of markers
four 9-cent pieces of posterboard
one 19-cent box of paper clips

All that for $6.09, which can come off my gift card.

One question: Do you think $5 is a good deal for 80 store brand washable markers? Or maybe that's not any better than you'd get for a big giant marker set? My kids go through markers like crazy, what with leaving the caps off all the time, and I figure I could donate some to my daughter's preschool class as well. Or keep them to add to birthday presents.

p.p.s. If you went to Lollapalooza this weekend, or if you were like me and stayed home with the kids while your spouse went, look in the little hand-sized program booklet. It has a coupon for $1 off a 32-oz bottle of Lifeway kefir or a 4-pack of the kids' "Pro Bugs" kefir. And a bogo coupon for kefir frozen treats at the StarFruit cafe on West Division in Chicago.