Friday, August 29, 2008

Please Excuse Carrie From Blogging This Weekend

Hi Readers,

Later today we are heading out for yet another out-of-town weekend. Now before you assume that we are spending a lot of green this summer "vacationing," let me point out that we usually spend out-of-town weekends at the homes of our parents so the kids can hang with the Gs. The grandfolk, that is.

This weekend is no different, except that we are going "up north" Wisconsin to spend the holiday weekend at my parents' cabin. This place is also a frugal affair -- a piece of land between farms, bought at rock-bottom 1980s land prices, where my carpenter uncle has led a crew of family and friends over the years to gradually put together a small structure. It currently has electricity but no plumbing, although my uncle and a friend recently re-activated an old well on the property and the water tested OK. So I'm guessing there will be plumbing, too, in future years.

So anyway, there will be no shopping summary from me this week. All I will say about my two huge shopping trips this week is that I pretty much combined this week and next week, and I don't plan to buy much except milk and maybe a couple veggies next week. If only we WERE going to my parents' house instead of cabin for the weekend, because their garden is overflowing, but they are only planning on picking enough produce to last the weekend so it doesn't go bad.