Thursday, August 14, 2008

Office Depot Coupon From Dunkin Donuts

Today I stopped into the CVS by my gym, sniffing around for .19-cent sunblock (of which they were cleaned out, by the way. Should have gotten it yesterday!)

Nutmeg was good for once in the store. I thought a good tactic for reinforcing good behavior might be completely surprising rewards for good behavior. She LOVES Dunkin Donuts and we usually pass them by without a word, because she is pretty good about not begging for stuff.

So on the way back to the car, I detoured into the Dunkin Donuts across the parking lot. We each enjoyed a rare mid-morning donut, they gave the baby a free munchkin, and everyone was happy. Then I asked about an ad I'd seen on the door for an Office Depot deal.

The cashier handed me three coupons for $10 off $30 in "office and school supplies." They're good the entire month of August. It has some limitations: it can't go toward "technology" purchases, postage stamps, HP ink or toner. Which is too bad because we really, really need a new printer. The coupons I've been printing on our old ink-jet printer have been getting turned down at CVS lately because the bar codes won't scan.

Oh, and you have to bring your Dunkin Donuts receipt with you when you use the coupon, so if you are doing this deal, hold onto that receipt! Try not to get it too sticky either. That would be my advice.