Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oak Park's New Children's Consignment Shop

I stopped into O Joy!, a new consignment shop for kids' clothes, on the recently looking-livelier strip of Oak Park Avenue near the Ike. I'm really glad Oak Park now has such a shop, so of course I want to buy a few things there to help them stay in business.

On my fist inspection, I saw some pretty cute girl clothes at relatively reasonable secondhand prices -- higher than garage sales but not too different from what you get at the biannual Parenthesis sale and the Mothers of Multiples sale.

Here's the pricing system the use: They start out at around 40% of what the item would have cost new. Then the price goes down once a month. The tags show not just the current price but the future prices.

Of course, for a bargain shopper like me, especially since I live nearby and am not particularly desperate for most items of children's clothing, the promise of future price drops prevented me from buying. But a couple weeks later, I stopped in again and saw that the first round of price drops had taken effect. I found a couple adorable items for Pebbles. Not that she needs them, but at under $3 an item even I can go in for a little fun shopping.

Here's what I bought. (Baby not included.)

This shirt was $2.80. It's originally a Target brand:

This sweater, from The Children's Place, was also $2.80! Now that's a deal.

If you want to sell clothes or toys there, they pay in cash or credit once the item is sold. However, I was disappointed to hear that you do not get more for your items if you choose credit. At the shop I frequented back in San Francisco, I was able to generate credit with a few unwanted gear items, making any clothing purchases I made essentially free. I like free!

Anyway, the shop is at 823 S. Oak Park Ave. and I recommend you check it out. Fun, cheap back to school shopping! They are still ramping up their merchandise so I bet they'd be happy to see you if you come into their consignment hours on Sundays too.

They are open Tuesday through Sunday, at 10 a.m. They don't list a closing time on the little flyer I got with my purchase.