Friday, August 15, 2008

No More Overage for CVS Sunblock?

Update: Since writing this post, I have used the sunblock coupons on two different transactions at the very same store with no problems, despite the fact that I was not buying any individual item that cost $1 or more. In fact, the first time I spent only 19 cents. Got $2 off each time.

Maybe those really *were* powerful CVS executives commenting here. Because after our discussion yesterday, today the register beeped one of my $1 off CVS sunblock CRT coupons.

The best the two cashiers could figure was that none of the sunblock I was trying to buy cost $1 on its own. Cumulatively, the cost $1, but not individually.

Hmph. Of course, there might have been some other crazy reason. All the register said was that the number of coupons exceeded the limit. Which is the most mysterious register message. What limit? I didn't have more coupons than items. So maybe they landed on the right reason, or maybe suddenly the sunblock coupons don't work anymore at all at my store. Who knows.

Oh well, I got plenty of those little tubes to have around for the rest of the season. And I was finally able to FINISH buying Dove chocolates for the week. Now, with just a day and a half left of the week, I just have to buy a box of Alavert, a tube of Lamasilk, another two boxes of Huggies Clean Team wipes (I found another coupon in my files), two packs of diapers, 5 cents worth of qualifying candy*, and attempt to redeem two "free gifts" of hand sanitizer and ibuprofen. Which my local store is out of.

* Of course, there isn't any qualifying candy for 5 cents. The closest is 50 cents. I may just call CVS today to ask them to bump me over the limit. They've done it for me before.


Bren said...

Eh. My $1 CRT beeped Sunday morning, moments into the sale, so I don't think it's a 'new thing'. Said the same thing - exceeded limit. I was buying two sunblocks, had already used the $2 skincare, the $1 CRT that came up as $2, the $2 off CVS brand AND the $2 off general purchase, so I certainly didn't mind. But there's something similar about our two purchases that triggered that beep.