Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nice Deal on Clean Team If You Have Extra Coupons

I'm doing the baby stuff deal at CVS this week ("spend $25, get 5ECBs). It's not a fabulous deal, but I figured it would be a cheap way to stock up on diapers and I hate running out of diapers on weeks when there are no deals.

I'll be buying two packs of Huggies ($9 each), two boxes of Huggies Clean Team wipes($2.50 each) and $2 of undecided.

But if you have extra Clean Team coupons from past newspaper fillers, here's a much better scenario. The way I figured it below, you would pay a total of $6 + tax and get back 8ECBs in the end, or pay $4.95 and get back 9ECBs.

By the way, if you want to generate 2ECB slips to pay these $2 totals with, a good way is to include the $2.19 Fleet enema with other purchases this week before you do this deal. Since it pays back 2ECBs it's a handy filler, especially if you find the $1 off printable.

Transaction 1:
4 boxes Clean Team wipes $10.00
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS coupon
6.00 two $3/2 Clean Team coupons
$2.00 + tax

Transaction 2:
same as Transaction 1

Transaction 3:
2 boxes Clean Team wipes $5.00
1 box Alavert 5.99
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS coupon
3.00 $3/2 Clean Team coupon
4.00 Alavert coupon
$2.00 + tax
receive 5ECB for the baby deal and 3ECB for the Alavert

Another way to do Transaction 3:

2 boxes Clean Team wipes $5.00
2 Fleet pediatric enemas 4.38
3 two-oz. tubes CVS sunblock .57
9.95 (close enough at my CVS)
- 2.00 CVS coupon
3.00 Clean Team coupon
2.00 two $1 Fleet coupons (I think from
2.00 CVS sunblock CRT
.95 + tax
receive 5ECBs for baby deal and 4ECBs for Fleet deal