Monday, August 25, 2008

My CVS Had the $25 Coupons

In the past, when CVS put out a coupon for a $25 GC with transferred prescription with its Sunday flyer, my store did not have the coupon wrap on the flyers in the store. I thought at the time you could only get one in your paper, but maybe someone had just taken them all.

Because yesterday, those wraps were totally on all the flyers at my local store. NO, I DID NOT TAKE THEM ALL? Really, is that what you think of Shoplifting With Permission? I took maybe six flyers.

Of course, even that is kind of a lot considering we're only expecting one prescription in the next couple of months.

Anyone want me to mail you one? If so, write a post about why you love or loathe Shoplifting With Permission. Leave a comment so I know where to find your post. I'll send out up to three coupons for $26 GC with transferred prescription. If there are more than three entries, entries will be judged on level of sincerity.