Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's True: CVS Sunblock CRTs ringing up double

I have been so busy bringing home free bags of Dove chocolates this week (so far I have 18) that I didn't have time until tonight to grab some free sunblock.

I used one of the $1 off CRTs that were printing out for a week or so, and, just as reported by others, they rang up as $2 off.

The really nice thing about this is that you don't have to buy $2 worth of sunblock to get $2 off, or at least the cashier at my CVS didn't care about this. I bought four tubes of the 2-oz. cream at 19 cents each, and got $2 off, meaning I actually made $1.26 on the deal.

If I had realized that before, I would have grabbed a single 20-cent tube with every single transaction this week, thereby allowing myself to get $1.80 taken off each time. Which would have been nice since I have been paying more out of pocket this week than I'd planned, mainly due to my own lousy arithmetic.

I think those four tubes were the last 2-oz tubes my CVS had, but I will check one of the other CVSes in my town tomorrow to see if they have at least one. Earlier today I also bought an SPF 50 spray-on sunblock for $3, or $1 after the coupon.

It was just last fall that I felt soooo good about snagging a couple of tubes of sunblock from the CVS clearance bin for $2 each. How times have changed!

And one more thing: This week the CRT machines are printing out $1 off 2 bags of Gold Emblem candy, and bags of Gold Emblem hard candy are included in the "buy $10, get 5ECBs" candy deal. If you don't have a zillion Dove bogo coupons like I do, combining these coupons with the $2/$10 coupon and buying six bags of hard candy plus $1 worth of other qualifying candy would get you the whole order for free -- pay $5, get 5ECBs. Or throw in a 20-cent tube of sunblock and use a CRT to turn it into a moneymaker -- pay $3.20, get 5ECB.

What a great week! So glad I have NOTHING else going on this week and so can fully exploit these deals.


Anonymous said...

As a CVS employee I just want to let you know that the company coupons policies will be changing. They are now able to track past purchases and view if consumers are taking advantages of Extra Buck deals. The registers will now decline the coupons that are being used to receiving a large amount of free products. If you purchases items and have receive Extra bucks then try to return the items the next week with receipt or with out a receipt the registers will now take your extra buck coupons in account and your extra buck will be voided. The cashier will tell you at the time of the return, and your refund receipt will explain the new policy. It is a shame that some people like to abuse store policies and think that they not breaking the law. Instead of trying to abuse coupons and store deal maybe people just need to take the time to review their state and the government shoplifting laws.

Anonymous said...

I am also a CVS employee, and I will be forwarding this website to our lost prevention. I know that they are aware that websites like this are out there but this is horrible. You are abusing the use of coupons and store sales, and making it hard for honest people to use them. I just want people to know that the policies are not directed towards our honest consumers. Being a mother with a large family I am also all about saving money but I also believe in being fair and honest. By the way you do not have the permission to shoplift, you are wrong!!!!

Leslie said...

Holy over-reaction, batman!

Looks like you have someone taking this website a little too seriously!

Anonymous said...

Leslie you are correct I take my job in lost prevention very seriously. Thank you

Dr. Mom said...

You know, if CVS would spend as much time evaluating the coupons THEY are distributing as the time they blog, customers would not use THEIR coupons as often. Not only that, but they get their money from the manufacturer plus a handling fee. They should also consider the amount of free advertisement that these blogs give them. We may get good deals but we also purchase other things there at full price.

Leslie said...

Lost prevention? Do you perhaps mean "loss prevention"?

If a shopper is following all the correct policies and procedures for using coupons and the store's own sales, then they aren't doing anything wrong. Also? "Illegal" as you said earlier? Not even remotely correct.

It's hard to take you seriously when you throw out such bogus accusations.