Friday, August 15, 2008

It Was a Very Good Week -- All This for -$35

I am not going to total up all my CVS receipts this week. I just can't; with the $2/$10, I think I made 16 transactions. The picture should be worth a thousand transaction summaries, so here it is, the fruits of (at least) twice-daily trips to CVS for a full week:

And honestly, I have one little regret: I wish I had bought MORE sunscreen. I actually had one more of the spray bottles on the counter tonight, but I had grabbed the wrong one, it messed up my transaction, and I had to ask the VERY understanding cashier to void it. I have been using the one "continuous spray" bottle I did buy and it is so convenient for the kids.

The totals:

Earned 58ECBs (candy deal x 7 = 35ECB, Lamasil deal = 10ECB, diaper deal = 5ECB, Alavert deal x 2 = 6ECB, Fleet kids' enema - 2ECB)

Spent about $23 on candy, $2 on Alavert, $6 on Lamasil, $12 on diapers, $2 on Clean Team wipes, and approximately 0 on sunscreen and hand sanitizer. So that's about $40 out, mostly in ECBs. It's a rough estimate because of the $2/$10 coupons and the effect of sunscreen overage.
So I came out ABOUT 35ECBs ahead.
I felt so good after my last transaction this evening that I decided to burn a 10ECB slip on ice cream and Sunday papers. Of course, once I grabbed some sunscreen and used that coupon, and ended up getting one of the sunscreens voided, I had a hard time buying enough to burn the 10ECBs and I ended up using 5.79ECB plus a buck or so o.o.p. I didn't picture that stuff because the ice cream is from next week's deals.
So. My parents are stocked for the candy they give their customers for, oh, the rest of the year. They get the Alavert too. I'm stocked on diapers for the rest of the month and on those Huggies flushable wipes for months. And sunscreen will not be a problem the rest of the season or even next. I love those little tubes because I can keep one in every bag I might carry and it's one less thing I have to remember when taking the kids out.

What a week!
By the way, since this may have been my best CVS week ever, I am submitting it to a contest through and The Parent Bloggers Network. Note to those contest guys: $96 worth of chocolate for free is pretty good, but I think I have gotten my BEST bargains by shopping the "Alley Boutique." That is, by taking home stuff that people put out in the alley in my Oak Park neighborhood. Within the last year, my best find was a large Little Tikes wagon for our two kids, in PERFECT working order with the little storage bench and all.


Cristy said...

You are AWESOME! Great job...Wishing I had taken advantage of the "DOVE" chocolate deal, they look yummy! =)


Justine said...

Nice deals! Where did you get the sunscreen coupon? I don't have that one!! But I still did pretty good!

Carrie said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for stopping by!

Justine, the sunscreen coupons were printing out from the scanner machines every day for about a week. I'm guessing your store doesn't have one. Hope you get one soon!

jskell911 said...

WTG! Is that bag filled w/ candy? LOL I never even got around to doing the candy deal this week. Stinks too, because I have tons of Werther's coupons.

Justine said...

Thanks Carrie! I actually found a brand new store that has the coupon machine today... I'm dubbing it my new favorite store!! LOL

Carrie said...

Yep. I think I got 22 bags of Dove using bogo coupons from the Internet and a couple from the Sunday inserts. Fortunately they are leaving our house asap to go to my mom and dad, who give them away to customers at their business. Their customers prefer Dove, and I don't blame them! We went through one bag right away this week and they have got to get out of here!