Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

The most fun thing about shopping at our local Jewel (maybe the ONLY fun thing) is that they often have a well-stocked Clearance cart. Nutmeg and I both enjoy digging through it for bargains.

Sunday, just the two of us stopped in to buy a loaf of bread to go with a lentil stew we were having for dinner. Then of course we hit the cart.

I'm of course always looking for coupon match-ups in the cart, since the store does honor coupons on these clearance items. But of course it's hard to find coupons for such random stuff.

Not that day. The coupons were easy to find, because they were STUCK TO THE FRONT OF THE PACKAGES. :-)

I got five bags of Bumblebee cooked chicken, marked 89 cents each. Each pouch had a 75-cents-off peelie on it. So I paid 14 cents each.

There was only one hitch: The cashier only scanned four of my five coupons, so I ended up paying the full 89 cents for one of them. I may just ask for a 75-cent refund at the service counter next time I'm there. This happens a lot at this store.


Lisa said...

What an awesome deal!

I found your site through Moneysavingmom - I love the title! I told my kids something similar the other night when the grocery store paid me to take some items - that I was shoplifting LEGALY!

Love your site! Off to read some more!