Monday, August 25, 2008

I Could Eat All Week on What I Got Free at Target Today

Here's what the Hubs calls one of my "shopping porn" pics:

How did I get all this free, you ask? Funny story. See, I have this fake pregnant belly that I can stuff with ...

Kidding. KIDDING, OK?

Here's what I did:

1) The "Buy 3 Kraft products, get one Kraft product free" coupons from the Sept. issue of All You magazine, to which I recently subscribed. Well, that issue just paid for itself.

That got me the hot dogs (nitrate free), the Ranch dressing (which the baby had been demanding -- "dip, dip!") and the Wheat Thins free. The Kool Aid is what I bought, at 20 cents a pack, to get it all. My 4-year-old was quite enchanted when I let her pick 9 packs of it, but little does she know it will have vanished from the house by the time she gets up tomorrow.

2) Free Sara Lee bread coupon from last week's Sunday papers. It's really a full loaf a bread, but what's pictured is all that's left after we had toast with dinner and then I made the hubs three days' worth of sandwiches for work.

3) All the Kellogg's stuff will be free after the $10 rebate.

4) But what about the grapes, the Muir Glen organic tomatoes and soup, the whole wheat flour and the Goldfish, you ask? That all cost $10 after coupons. But here's how I got it free: I actually got TEN BUCKS overage on the Kellogg's stuff and the freebie coupons.

I'm not even completely sure how this happened. I think maybe my cashier scanned some of my Kellogg's coupons more than once, because I had three $1 off TWO coupons for the Pop Tarts and on my receipt it says I got $1 off EACH of the six. Which would certainly make up for recent times when I've been stiffed on coupons. And, for each of those free Kraft products, I got the full "up to" price written on the coupon, even though the actual product prices were lower. So there was $1 overage on the franks, $1.60 on the dressing, $1.35 on the wheat thins and $.90 on the bread.

I still managed to spend $84 on my little Target run, ironic since I didn't actually NEED to go to Target. I totally caved to my longing to go there only to do the Kellogg's purchase, even though it is generally not my policy to make a special car trip in order to do a deal. But, I figured, I'd check out the prices on Pampers in case I wanted to do that deal. (Pampers were not on sale, no longer has a special $5 gift card rebate offer posted, and I decided to hang onto that $4 coupon I got in the mail for the moment.)

So how did I manage to spend $84 after getting so much free food? Well, I bought two Ocelo sponges. ($1.39 each after coupon, pricey, I know but the patterns just make me smile.)

OK, I guess I might have bought something other than sponges. Let's check the receipt. Oh, hmm, there is something here about a bottle of high-end Jose Cuervo. But it was on sale, honest! Also, a wine cube OF COURSE. I'm drinking some of it right now, and lest you think that this does not count as groceries, let me point out that I also poured a glass of it into the slow cooker with the beef stew I'm making for tomorrow night. And the antibiotic-free, hormone-free beef in the stew is another thing I picked up (marked down to $2.40 a pound), as well a conventional beef round steak ($1.97 per pound after $2 Target coupon). And I got a 12-pack of Stella Artois beer for the hubs.

If that seems like a lot of booze, I have an explanation: I'm thinking about having another kid, so I want to drink as much as possible before the nine-month dry spell.

And, I got a jar of pickles ($1.30 after mq) and a large Archer Farms ham, marked down to $1 a pound.

Thank you to A Full Cup for the Target coupons. They totally helped this trip rock my world.


Becky said...

Wow, awesome! And yes, it is important that your liquor levels be high when you are thinking about trying to conceive--this is why I'm the mother of two.

And Super Target, sigh. I don't think I've been giving Target enough love since I started couponing. Maybe I should rethink that.