Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Grocery Game: Worth It?

Sunday night on a whim I signed up for a low-cost trial of The Grocery Game. I signed up for Jewel, CVS and Walgreens since those were the only stores it offered in my area.

The idea behind The Grocery Game is that instead of you scoring your weekly grocery flyers and coupon inserts, the site just TELLS you what the best deals are and where to find coupons for them. It color codes the deals, with blue type indicating a "stock up" price. It also alerts you when you can get something free with a coupon.

Yesterday I went to Jewel and shopped according to the Grocery Game recommendations. I have to say I was impressed -- The Grocery Game found something on sale that was not in the flyer and I would not have thought to look for, but which I really needed: Large cans of chicken broth an Clearance. It also showed me I could get some hummus bogo with two coupons (unfortunately one of my coupons wouldn't scan so I didn't get quite as good a deal as other subscribers on that one).

The Grocery Game costs $10 for one store for two months, or $1.25 a week. I am very much attracted to the premise of continuing to use coupons without spending so much time looking for matchups. I think it would be worth it for me, except for one thing: The stores I shop at the most don't seem to be covered. So I would still be reading flyers, and still be clipping nearly every grocery coupon, just not reading the Jewel flyer. It might STILL be worth it, because they also feature deals that aren't in the flyer. $1.25 is not an awful lot for one week -- less than the cost of an extra Sunday paper.

Well, you can get free time as a member of The Grocery Game if you do referrals, so maybe I'll try that. By the way, I can enter a referral for my membership, if I become a paying member. Anyone out there a member who would like to get a referral?


Kimberly said...

I did the free trial for grocery game and loved the layout, etc. Unfortunately I didn't stay because the only store they offer that I shop at is CVS and I dont find their deals hard to figure out! I hope you update in a couple months and let us know if you still find it as useful as you do now!

Tonyia said...

I'm not sure where you live, but there is a similar website called couponsense.com Just thought I would let you know.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a referral, I only need 1 more to get my free weeks!! Here is my e-mail address that you can enter as your referral if you would like.


Thanks in advance!

Stacey said...


I'm joining right now - I put you as my referral Ashley..
Anyone else out there please enter my email as a referral if you dont have one!