Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Got My $2.30 Cent Milk From Amazon

Dear Amazon,

Could I exchange this milk for the five hours I spent figuring out how to order it?


Shoplifting With Permission

P.S. Thank you for the delivery of the six packs of raisins for less than $1.40 each. Also a good deal.

P.P.S. So, with this "Subscribe and Save" thing, if I order something on clearance like those raisins, I'm guessing it won't be around for me to get in six months when my next delivery is scheduled. And if it is still around, will I get the same low price? Cause in that case, locking in low prices using Subscribe and Save would be a great method to reduce the arduous nature of discount grocery shopping. But I'm betting it doesn't work like that. I guess I'll leave my subscription active and see what happens in six months when I'm up for re-delivery.