Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deciding When Not to Do a Deal

I was just trying to figure out a workable trip to Walgreen's tomorrow. All signs pointed to a good trip: A $5 off $20 coupon was just released, I have a Wags gift card, I'm taking Pebbles to the doctor which is of course near one of the drugstores 8 zillion locations, and there was an extra good Wags deal posted on Money Saving Mom for which I have some coupons.

And yet ... once I started to write down what I wanted to buy, I realized that I do not have a compelling reason to go to Walgreens tomorrow.

Here's what I had down:

12 boxes jello $4.68, along with 1 free wheat thins, 1 free hot dogs if they have, 1 free kraft singles if they have, 1 free kraft dressing if they have
(this would be using coupons from All You which offer these things free. if you spend $10 on select Kraft products at Wags right now, you get $3 Register Rewards. However, I'm not sure if anything except the Wheat Thins qualifies)

3 boxes cheerios at $1.99, $3 total after Cheerios Challenge coupons

3 skippy $5 (or as low as $3.20 depending how many coupons I have. earns $1.50 RR)
10.88, get 1.50 rewards plus MAYBE $3 REWARDS

So I had a plan to spend just over $10, but the coupon requires you to spend $20. Unfortunately, Wags has started requiring that you spend that much money BEFORE coupons with these $/$$ deals.

So, I certainly could have added this and that -- free after rebate items, for example -- to get up to $20. But none of the stuff on instant rebate this month looked in the slightest bit interesting to me. And although the food deals might work out well, I can always go to Target and use these freebie coupons from All You for pretty inexpensively as well.

In the end, I decided the energy it would take to gather needed coupons, get the kids to the store, and track down all the stuff to qualify for all these deals would just not be worth the trouble. I'd end up with a basket full of stuff I wanted only marginally or not at all, and yes, it would be worth much more than the $15 I'd pay, but so what?

Even if I ended up with $10 in rebates and $4.50 in RR, making the whole trip cost me 50 cents, it would be so much time and effort for some junky food and unwanted hair products.

Gosh, could I really get it down to 50 cents? Including three boxes of Cheerios?

Now I'm starting to change my own mind. But I think I'm standing firm on this one.

Um, I'll keep you posted.


Dr. Mom said...

In the same boat. Pretty tough to decide...

Becky said...

Also in that boat. A few months of playing the CVS game have us totally loaded with virtually every category of drugstore product. I just can't get excited about more free bandaids or some hair product I don't currently use. Hmmph.

Or another makeup item. I mean, I have never actually used up a tube of mascara, and I have two new tubes from recent deals. But I should probably get out more.