Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CVS Hand Soap on Sale, Possible Overage

We are so out of liquid hand soap at my house. Might have something to do with the midget who keeps pumping it out to fill the bathroom sink with bubbles.

Today I figured I'd take the advice of Saving and Giving, I printed out more $2 CVS skincare coupons, which I had not used in a month or so, so I could get a free bottle of hand soap as a filler. I only needed to add about 75 cents to my order to reach $10, but since the $2 coupon would make it free, I didn't mind going up to $11.25.

But, the CVS hand soaps are marked down to 79 cents this week! What a nice surprise.

I got the full $2 value of the coupon, too. Which totally took the sting off the fact that my $5.99ECB didn't print out for that Zipp Fizz stuff.


Hippie said...

My local CVS has stopped accepting the internet printed CVS coupons. :( I did three transactions Saturday night though and the hand soap was 79 cents and they gave me the full $2!! I was really excited and then totally bummed when I printed more just to be told they wouldn't take it!! :(

Carrie said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that!

I actually had a little friction using the $2 skin care coupon again today for another 79-cent bottle of soap. The cashier looked at it forever and then called her manager. The manager said, "That's not really skin care. But" -- in an exasperated voice -- "it's FINE."

Don't think I will try the coupons on more hand soap at that location. But I was like, not really skin care? Huh?