Thursday, August 7, 2008

CVS: Can't Wait Till Next Week

1. I got my 9.99ECB for my husband’s account. I called CVS, told them I’d completed the Johnson’s promo but didn’t get the credit, they checked it out, and told me my ECBs would print out within 48 hours at the register or coupon machine. Huzzah! I still have to call for the same problem on my mom’s account.

2. I want to get all those ECBs in line because next week is going to be killer for me at CVS. Not a thing in this week’s flyer interested me, although now that I have the $2/$10 coupon I will probably go over there to get some freebies with overage (like the Pert or Sure deals), and probably the toothpaste. Also I’m glad I saved those freebie coupons, because the free item will ring up on the register, helping my total get to $10 quickly.

In case you didn’t know, you can look into the future of CVS online. The place I visit most is the Drugstore B&M Deals and Discussion forum at Here, people in the know (i.e. work at CVS) scan and post flyers for upcoming weeks and months. Those posts are always labeled with the date and the title "Deals and Ad Scans."

Next week, two deals have me all excited: The candy deal continues with the addition of bags of Dove chocolate, and the Alavert deal is back. I buy both of these items for my parents. They use the Dove for their sales business and they claim the Alavert helps their allergies.

For Dove, I have been hoarding bogo coupons from online. Anyway, with the $4/1 coupon from the Web site and the $2/$10, the Alavert will definitely be a moneymaker. I’m kind of glad the limit is one per card because I get really tired of trying to do ECB deals at the pharmacy counter, not to mention the difficulty buying multiple boxes of pseudophed-containing Alavert.

And then there is the free sunscreen I’ll be loading up on. We are almost out so I am looking forward to this! In fact I have to squeeze in daily CVS visits this week just to get more sunscreen coupons, which are printing out once a day from the coupon machine.


Becky said...

Whoa, the crt is giving out sunscreen coupons? I am so out of it. Thanks for the info--I have got to get in there.