Monday, August 4, 2008

CRT-palooza @ CVS

Today the girls and I stopped into CVS just to print out coupons from the machine. We needed a walk after the rainstorms ended.

Turned out to be a good day to hit the machine! Each of my cards "paid off" three times, with long, long strips of coupons. The girls were just as excited as I was because they love the coupon machine. My four-year old can scan the cards, and the 1-year-old can just barely reach high enough to pull out the coupons.

Here's what I got, between the three accounts that I shop for:

$3 off Excedrine 50-ct or larger
$3 off any Life Fitness
$2.50 off $10 Life Fitness
$2 off any StayFree Maxi
$5 of Duracell battery charger
$5 off Pure Black Rice Skin Care (??)
$3 off Depends
$1 off Odor Eaters
$1.50 off SoftSoap SPA Body Wash
$4 off Playskool $20 or more
$3 off Neutrogena Cosmetics
$2 off Sudafed
$2.50 off Nuprin
$2 off Duracell PowerPix

Each card also got what has been printing out every day lately: $1 off CVS sunscreen and $1 of 3 individual CVS toothbrushes. That's when I knew the coupon payout was over. (By the way, those $1 off sunscreen coupons should get you free sunblock next week, so save them if you want any.)

I also saw a receipt on the ground that had all different coupons, including a $5/$25 and a $25 gc w/ transferred prescription. (He also got $4 off a Futuro Brace and $10 off Nicorette, Nicoderm or Commit). I hate it when people throw away good coupons! Of course I can't use them because they are for his card number only.


Mama Koala said...

That's awesome. I wish we had a magic coupon scanner here....maybe someday!

Hippie said...

I want a magic scanner too!!!!! But today I got 3 CRTs on my receipt after my first transaction!!!