Monday, August 25, 2008

CRT Alert: Revlon and CVS Paper Towels

Finally, a few new qs from the coupon machine. I kind of resent it that, now that they have me in rat-pushing-a-lever mode, they find it acceptable to feed me coupons for WATER day after day after day. Would a rat push a lever for water?

Well, I guess if it was dying of thirst, it'd have to.

Should that be my new blog title? "Rat, Dying of Thirst." Or, more British pub style: "The Thirsty Rat."

Anway, today I scored $2 off Revlon and $1 of CVS paper towels.

Since Revlon is on sale bogo, AND there was a $2/1 mq in this past weekend's insert, I'm thinking that if I use two $2/1s AND the $2 CRT, I should be able to get a couple nice lipsticks for free.

I love lipstick. Don't all thirsty rats?


Bren said...

Just can't let entertaining writing go without kudos. Thanks for making at least ONE deal-blog both entertaining AND helpful. I still have your Abbie Hoffman image in my mind, now the thirsty rat. Very nice.