Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coupon Code: Free 3-Month Subscription to a Breastmilk Management Application (?!)

So, at BlogHer one of the only freebies I had time to grab was a breast milk testing kit. You are supposed to use it to test your milk for alcohol content. Personally, the alcohol content of my milk is something I never, ever wanted to know. Also I can't see myself bothering, or being able to handle the little strips, if I have had a few.

But anyway, along with the kit came a little card with a coupon code. It's for a free trial subscription to an online program called Baby Insights, that apparently helps you track your pumping and breastfeeding. Hmmm. I have a very organized friend who just gave birth who might be able to make use of this.

I think it's really funny that they give away a 3-month TRIAL subscription, since 3 months is longer than the average breastfeeding mother in the United States keeps it up.

But anyhoo, here's the 411:
temp ID: MSPfffff3f
PASS: dgfffg
exp. 6/30/09

Says it's a $19.95 value and includes something called Baby Say Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Ok - just have to say - I HAD to read this post because I couldn't imagine what kind of "subscription" there could be for "Breastmilk management!"

Then there's breast milk "testing" too? I have breastfed 4 children, and somehow managed to do so for 15-18 months with each child, and without these tools. What will they think of next!?!? LOL