Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coupon Alert: Kids Freebies in Chicago Area

In our local library branch this week, I found what looked like a thin little newspaper, containing nothing but freebie coupons for kid-related things. I think it's supposed to be given out as a reward in a summer reading program, but there was just a stack of them at our library.

Some of the better coupons:

Free child admission to the Kohl Children's Museum (exp. 9/30/08)
Free child admission ot the Children's Museum at Navy Pier (12/31/08)
Free kids' admission to the Bristol Renaissance Fair* (last weekend is Labor Day)
Free ride ticket and tokens at Enchanted Castle (Lombard and Aurora, exp. 8/31/08)

* Every summer in high school, I worked at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, in costume and with what I felt was a high-grade fake British accent. It's a cheezy but in my opinion fun place. Probably more fun to work at than it is to visit for more than $20 a person (I'm guessing at the price these days). But still, if you get discount tickets and can avoid the temptation of blowing a ton of money on the shops, then it's a fun day out. Tip: The food is of course all overpriced and they don't let you bring your own, but the workers there all knew that the most food for the money is the barbecued turkey leg. Also satisfying, if they are still sold at similar prices, were the big pickle from the pickle barrel or an ear of corn.


Kimberly said...

A friend told me about this website and I am really impressed. I enjoy your blog and since you seem all about thrift I thought this might be something your readers would appreciate.

casey said...

Hey, I just appreciate the tip. I just found out that they have updated their website and improved search results. The new website is: Pass it on!