Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coupon Alert: Found In Pick N Save

I have become the kind of person who says to her mother: "Ooh! You're going to your local grocery store! Can I come along? Ooh, can I?"

So I prowled the aisles of Kenosha's Pick N Save, checked out the prices of Kellogg's snacks (not good enough). And then just as we were leaving, I found A Very Exciting Coupon.

It was a tearpad on some display. Here's what it says:

"It's In the Bag eBags
Buy $25 or more of P&G products in any combination and receive a $20
eBags gift certificate The small print goes on to say that the $25 has to be all in one transaction."

Purchases must be made by 9/30/08, form must be postmarked by 10/15/08. This is exciting to me because I am planning a large Pampers purchase at Target some week soon. I have a $4/1 huge box of Pampers, which I got randomly in the mail. I have a Target coupon for $3 off when I buy both a box of Pampers and a 180-count or more of wipes. I think those big-butt boxes go on sale for around $30? Less if I'm really lucky?

So, someday soon I'll spend a bunch of money on diapers at Target, and get at
least half of it back as a gift card for a nice new purse. Which I could
certainly use for occasions when my diaper bag is not de rigeur.

Oh, also? I grabbed a bunch of them. I'm naughty that way. So if you would like a card to send in for your own $20 at eBags.com, drop me a line at carrie@shopliftingwithpermission.com, and I will mail you one