Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheerios at .50 Cents a Box, Fruit Snacks at Less Than $1 a Box

First, this conversation that happened between Nutmeg and I while grocery shopping today:

Nut: I'm dreaming that someone would come through the store, selling free candy.
Me: That would be a dream. Because people don't sell "free" things. Selling means offering something in exchange for money.
Nut: But CVS sells free things.

She's got me there.

We made it into a couple stores today without having to leave due to tantrums, so I guess I'd call it a good day.

First thing this morning, I called my local Dominick's to ask about their coupon policy. A cashier had denied my Internet coupon recently and said they didn't accept them. I'd been scheming to stop at another Dominick's, like on our way back from Wisconsin, but it just didn't happen. I wanted my husband to stop at the one near his work but it turns out it's temporarily closed.

Now I'm glad I didn't go through the trouble. The manager I called said they did actually accept Internet coupons, but they were wary of high-dollar ones because they'd recently had some forgeries. She said my one-dollar coupons would be no problem, and I didn't get any trouble at all at the store.

At Dominick's, I got four boxes of Cheerios for 50 cents a box. They have an in-store coupon making them four boxes for $6, and I used four $1 off coupons from the Cheerio's Challenge. That program gives you a $1 coupon each week by email, but it actually allows you to hit "back" on your browser and print one additional coupon. It's one of those URLs with "bricks" in it, which always allows two prints and no more.

The Cheerios I got today are only 8.9 ounces. Earlier this year, I was getting Cheerios at Dominick's through the same kind of deal, but they were the big boxes.

We also did the companion deal on granola bars and fruit snacks. They were also four for $6, and I used two .75/1 FiberOne coupons and one .80 off two fruit snacks coupons. Nutmeg picked "Froot By the Foot." FiberOne wasn't shown on the store coupon, but I guessed it would be included since it was marked on the shelf "four for $10" the same as the other bars in the promo. And it did get the same discount -- I paid 75 cents a box for the FiberOne bars and $1.10 a box for the fruit snacks.

I got a print-out for .75 off three fruit snacks. Who knows, if the kids are in the mood tomorrow and we are passing by, maybe we'll run in and get four more boxes tomorrow before the deal ends. This time around, I'd use the store coupon, two .80/2 coupons and the .75/3 coupon, so I'd pay $3.65 for four boxes. Those things are a big treat for Nutmeg and they also come in handy for handing out to neighborhood kids at mini-block party gatherings we have around here.