Saturday, August 2, 2008

Can't Shop, Robbed of ExtraBucks, grrr

In two separate incidents today, I failed to receive 10ECB printouts on two different accounts (my husband's and my mom's). In both cases, that meant I was out of ECBs on the account. Wah.

I'm hoping and expecting, of course, that I'll be able to get the ECBs printed once I call corporate after 48 hours. They *better* set things straight when I call. I never did get my 2ECBs back after the last incident, but it wasn't worth my time to call back again after the first 20-minute phone call. Even I have my limits.

I think both times it was because I did back-to-back transactions on the same account. The first time, I first bought Band-Aids, got the 2 ECBs, then combined those 2 ECBs with a 5 I already had to buy the Revlon lipstick. I should have gotten 9.99ECB back, but instead I got zip.

The second time, I first bought what I thought was $20 worth of qualifying Johnson's products, but the 10ECBs didn't print out because I had bought the wrong size baby powder. Aargh! I hardly ever buy the wrong thing anymore, mainly because if I'm not sure I always scan the item to make sure it is the same price as the thing listed in the ad. But tonight, the store was getting near closing time, so I was in a rush and I didn't scan it.

In that Johnson's transaction, I also bought an infant Advil, the free-after-ECBs monthly deal. That ECB did print out. So I had 5.79ECB.

I spent the 5.79ECB on some stuff including a $4 Listernine since they didn't actually have any more of the right size baby powder. I was annoyed because I knew I would end up paying oop -- and by the way my stupid gift cards would NOT scan so I had to use my debit card.

So you can imagine my annoyance when I shelled out a few bucks out of pocket and the dang ECBs didn't even print out.

And now I have to try and return this baby powder, which they will give me a hard time about because I only paid $1 cash on the transaction. Maybe I'll have to say I lost the receipt. Now, you may think that's evil and deceptive, but a few times when I tried to return something I paid for with Extra Bucks in recent months, the staff members actually entered it as a "no receipt" return. So, you know, if they can do it, I can do it too.

For the coming week, all I have to spend is the 7ECBs on my own account. Oh well, you know. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

As a CVS employee I just want to let you know that the company coupons policies will be changing. They are now able to track past purchases and view if consumers are taking advantages of Extra Buck deals. The registers will now decline the coupons that are being used to receiving a large amount of free products. If you purchases items and have receive Extra bucks then try to return the items the next week with receipt or with out a receipt the registers will now take your extra buck coupons in account and your extra buck will be voided. The cashier will tell you at the time of the return, and your refund receipt will explain the new policy. It is a shame that some people like to abuse store policies and think that they not breaking the law. Instead of trying to abuse coupons and store deal maybe people just need to take the time to review their state and the government shoplifting laws.