Monday, August 11, 2008

Aargh, What a Waste of Time (and Gas)

Remember earlier today, when I had the bright idea to combine a few errands to justify driving five miles each way to a Kroger store for on-sale Kellogg's products? Could not have worked out worse.

First of all, I made a couple wrong turns trying to get to the driver services facility, despite the fact that I have a GPS and have been there before. That's pretty typical for me, so I wasn't too frustrated when I got there. But then they told me that although this location issues registration stickers (I had gotten my last one there) they don't issue temporary license plate cards. For this I'd have to go to a full DMV or whatever they call it in Illinois, all the locations of which are much farther from my home.

We'd seen the Kroger Food4Less on our way to the driver's place, so I just retraced my steps to get there. Except, of course, I went the wrong way. Three times. That's right, there are four ways I could go, since I was on a corner, and I drove every wrong way before finally picking the right way.

The kids stayed in surprisingly good spirits during these long detours, but I was getting cranky. So I lost patience with my 4-year-old when I came to let her out of the car and found she had removed her tennis shoes. While she struggled to get them back on, I already had the baby in a cart and was worried about her getting hit by a car, and a man trying to pull into the spot next to us was stuck half in, half out, because my daughter kept pushing the car door all the way out as she sat in the back seat. Fun. Mommy yelling, Nutmeg having a crying fit.

Once Nutmeg was calm and we went in, I reminded her that we would leave the store immediately if she had a tantrum there. I figured she would be good because she knew we were there to get Yogos, the kind of thing I NEVER buy unless I have a really good deal like the Kellogg's promotion. And I was excited because Pop Tarts, Keebler cookies and Kellogg's fruit snacks were all on sale, meaning I could have done the deal like this:

four Pop Tarts $6
two Pecan Sandies 3.80
four Yogos 6
- 1/two milkshake pop tarts from Fuel for School Flyer
1/two any pop tarts "
1/any two Keebler cookies "
1/two Yogos from newspaper insert
1/one Yogos "
1/one Yogos "
9.80. Earn 20 cents after $10 rebate.

Except, I didn't do the deal because my daughter had a fit in the store over practically nothing, and I had to leave my cart with a few things in it and take the kids home. Grr -- I didn't realize until just now just how well we could have done. Well, it should serve as a lesson to me as much as my daughter. If I hadn't lost my temper with her over the shoes, she probably would not have lost it in the store.

Also, the third stop on my multi-errand trip, the international grocery store? It went out of business.



Dr. Mom said...

I'm so sorry. Days like that can be very frustrating. I admire you leaving when your daughter had a tantrum. Sometimes when my kids have a tantrum and I have a cart load I go ahead and check out but always regret it later, wishing I had just left. It would have taught them a better lesson. My bad...