Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Your Daily Wiener Update

I successfully purchased 3 packages (16 oz) of Ballpark Franks (turkey), one pack Sara Lee whole-wheat buns and a watermelon for a total of $5.75 at Jewel today. As explained here, the franks were "buy 1, get 2," and there were tear-off coupons throughout the store allowing me to get the buns for free and get $3 off the watermelon. It was a bitch finding all that stuff since the tear-off pads were on stand-alone displays. Also, the watermelons at my store were $5.99, not $3.99 as the original poster paid. Still, not bad.

I've also updated yesterday's wiener-mo-deals post to reflect the sale flyers that came out today.

Also, Nutmeg and I came up with a brilliant plan for dinner tonight: We're building a backyard camp fire and roasting those wienies on sticks!

This just in! I loaded just now and they had $1 off ONE coupons for turkey franks and Angus Beef franks. If you can get 3 of those babies, and hit Jewel today, you will actually get the 3 packs of Ballpark franks for 75 cents! Plus the free buns if you can find the tear-off.