Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Over Budget, But Still Feel Pretty Good

Since we had Family Fun Friday on Tuesday, why not have Shopping Saturday on Friday? It's done, anyway, so you might as well dig into this lucious blogginess. Dig in!

I must confess that the upheaval of holiday travel is not the only reason I haven't written about my weekly shopping trips lately. The other reason is shame: Shame at having fallen off the wagon. Not the sobriety wagon, thank goodness that's a wagon on which I have never set foot. But the budget wagon.

Not that we've been dining on foie gras and champagne around here, but I haven't spent less than $80 at the store in several weeks. This week I spent $97, but I feel like I got some good values for that so I'll just give myself permission to feel OK about it. And now that the week is over we don't have to shop right away (except for the Farmer's Market) because we still have food in the house.

Here are some of the deals I scored:

Fair Share Foods

4-pack Yo Plus Yogurt (4 oz each), $1 after sale and coupon. Bought 5 packs.
2 jars Smuckers low-sugar, about $2.30 each after sale and coupon
1 dozen cage-free eggs, $2.49
broccoli @ 88 cents a pound
peaches and nectarines @59 cents a pound
blueberries @ 1.50 for an itty bitty clamshell
asparagus @ 2.49 a pound
Edies fruit bars, 6 count for 2.69


watermelon @ 3.99
baby carrots @ 75 cents a pound

So yep, lots of good produce this week and I am trying to get everyone to eat it up so I can buy more at the farmer's market. For meat I made a stir fry with 3 pork chops (1.88 a pound) and veggies over rice, and then I defrosted a chicken which I served with beans and rice last night, will serve on pizza tonight, and who knows what else through the weekend. Also a huge portion of beans, rice and chicken going into the freezer.

As for CVS, I'm planning to stop in just once, to get my grandma some Febreze, myself some plastic wrap, and to try, try to use a $13.98 ECB that EXPIRED this week. It didn't expire because I haven't been CVSing as much lately -- all the ECBs in my little file are still good. It was sitting in a box of old CVS receipts and I came across it when looking for Listerine Smart Rinse receipts to send in for the rebate. Oh, I was not happy. Especially since with the dearth of coupons, ECBs are scarce around here.

If my CVS doesn't take it (since most coupons don't beep until they're at least a couple weeks past date, I'm hoping they will) I will have to throw myself at the mercy of corporate. They never answered my request to return the 2 ECBs that were taken from me, however. So we'll see.