Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shopping Saturday, Early

I Know, I know, I have trouble saying goodbye. Wanted to share a few details about my shopping week before I board the plane with my two kids whose cumulative age is under 6. Just in case I never have the chance again, like if they eat me alive in there.

We pretty much stuck to the budget this week. Yay! Of course, it's only Thursday, but since we are taking off today and will be eating mostly restaurant food and free conference food for the rest of the weekend, we're done buying groceries. I did lay in a few supplies for Epu, who is staying home.

Our trips:

1. Farmer's Market. Spent $20 on organic chard, organic lettuce and organic green onions, organic mostly-grass-fed ground lamb ($8 for a pound), and ... wasn't there something else? Seems like there was.

2. Jewel. Spent $30 on beer, wine, cereal, cheese sticks and a few other odds and ends. The box of Cheerios was 50 cents after using the $1.50 coupon I got earlier this summer in a box of Pampers. It was expired by a day or so but I got away with it by using the self checkout. Diabolical!

3. Aldi. Spent $30 on frozen salmon, frozen pot pies, cans of tomatoes, fresh grapes, whole wheat bread two bags frozen vegetables, flour, canola oil and brows sugar. All the frozen stuff was for Epu because I don't trust him to eat up fresh food while I'm gone. This was my first trip to Aldi since I've been on the budget, and the things that impressed me were the wild-caught salmon, on sale this week for FOUR DOLLARS A POUND (I bought 3 16-oz bags and we ate 3 fillets last night, they were delicious and at least as good as fresh), and tomatoes for 45 cents for a regular size can (14 oz I guess?). At other stores, canned tomatoes go on sale for $1 a can, although of course I use those Muir Glen coupons when I can to stock up for less than that. I use a lot of canned tomatoes, so once I try these and confirm that they taste ok, I will probably stock up on my next Aldi visit.

I'd been reluctant to visit Aldi much in the past because my mother doesn't like it -- says they have rats, produce is bad, stores dirty. The one I stopped at was in a not-to-nice neighborhood. Yet the store was clean and no vermin to be seen. Most of the produce did look kind of tired, though. I will definitely buy more of those salmon fillets if they go on sale again, though. I am always looking for affordable ways to get some wild salmon into our diets.

I supplemented my week's groceriers with 2 gallons of milk and a pack of hot dog buns (for Epu) at CVS. For free, of course.