Thursday, July 31, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four ...

1. Zone defense: We have been holing up in the guest room at our house, and it is saving us money. Eh, you say? Here's why: We recently brought a new little AC unit for the guest room window, the most efficient unit in the house. In what I'm guessing is the smallest room in the house. Sitting on the guest bed, RIGHT NEXT TO THAT UNIT, is definitely the most comfortable spot in the house now that this summer has finally gotten its hot on. So we can totally run that unit on low and be soooo comfortable while not using nearly as much power as trying to cool the whole downstairs with the living room unit (which can't cool such a large space anyway). Besides, the guest room has almost zero clutter in it at the moment, is freshly painted, and has the TV in it. Case closed.

2. I am a saving machine: Today I returned to the Fair Share Foods because a) we were already in the neighborhood and b) I had forgotten my coupons on the last visit (!) and wanted to take advantage of a couple coupon/sale matchups. For $5.50, I got:
two half-gallons OJ
8 cups yogurt
1 dozen cage-free eggs

Sure, the dairy all expires in a couple days, but they'll be gone by then. Know why? Smoothies. Also, the hubs has a cold and wants to take one of those 50-cent OJs to work.

3. Money Saving Mom roooooocks! She is so awesome, I may just go out and get myself baptized. Let's just say I was quite satisfied with the outcome of participating in her e-book sale. Which is still going on, by the way.

4. My neighborhood CVS is now closed, on the last day of the month. And guess what? I let it slip by without buying the monthly freebies on one of my accounts. Oh, at 9:45 p.m., I thought about running over there to pick up free or nearly-free feminine products and sunblock. And then, I just LET IT GO.

See, this CVS thing does not own me. I am my own woman.

Or, at least it does not own me quite as much as it did a few months ago.


PurpleHeather said...

Haha! I'm with ya! I discovered Money Saving Mom at tbe end of May, and for two months it nearly owned me. However, in the past couple weeks (after accepting that the $1-3 OOP on things I really didn't need were adding up) I've been able to limit my CVS planning, organizing and shopping to one to two days of the week. I've let deals go right by. Slowly but surely gaining control back!